Nasopharynx Cancer Symptom

What is Nasopharynx Cancer symptom?

Some people with nasopharynx cancer have no symptom at all. Some of people with nasopharynx complain of a lump or mass in the neck when they first see their doctor. Besides that, there may be lumps on both sides of the neck towards the back. Usually the lump is not tender or painful. This is because the cancer spreading to lymph nodes in the neck, causing them to become larger than normal.

    • A sore throat that does not go away.

Usually those suffering from cancer of the nasopharynx, throat will feel discomfort or pain in the long time. If you encounter problems, please consult your doctor or physician immediately. This is because if it is delayed prevented it will spread to other areas.

    • Hoarseness of voice, difficulty in swallowing.

Hoarse voice and difficulty swallowing is one of the symptoms of cancer of the nasopharynx. These symptoms may be oral cancer or cancer of the esophagus. Throat will also find it hard to swallow, especially food or dry fiber. Difficulty breathing or speaking

    • Hearing problems

For those suffering from cancer of the nasopharynx, they will suffer from hearing problems which the hearing is less clear. But not many of those that people with this disease suffer from this symptom. Ear ache or discharge from the ear

    • Frequent headaches

Many cases of cancer of the nasopharynx had this problem. Some of people ignore this symptom because they thought normal. This will cause the cancer cells to multiply to other areas of the body.

    • One or more lumps in the nose or on the neck

The most obvious symptom is that there is a lump or a bump on the nose or neck. Usually a lump in the nose is likely to acne and lumps in the neck likely wind seeds. However, if the lump does not disappear in a long time, please consult your doctor and it may be cancer of the nasopharynx.

    • Frequent nosebleeds and Bloodstained sputum

Nasopharynx cancer will cause a person to suffer from frequent nosebleeds and blood-stained sputum. Usually they are experiencing these symptoms in stage 3 or 4. Cancer cells at this stage are in a terrible state.

    • Weight loss.

Nasopharynx cancer will cause people loss their weight. This is because they have no appetite because of a sore throat and discomfort.



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